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Mirror Minds is not simply a web design agency in Chennai – it’s a lot more! Our Company indulge in creating unique, successful, websites and mobile applications and help you succeed in an ever-changing digital world!

Android Applications

The use of the Android application development is booming and growing at the rate of an impressive 32%. It is commented by industry experts, that this growth is because of the open source nature of the operating system. With some distinct advantages, apps developed for the Android OS are widely used with great rates on user friendliness, and attraction. They is also enjoy a huge popularity in the 'Mobile passionate target segment'

Advantages of the Android App Development

  • Seamless sending and receiving of data across different mobile networks (eg : Wi-Fi, EDGE, GSM,CDMA, EV-DO, Bluetooth, EV-DO)
  • A Complete library of 2D and 3D graphics with an extensive range of audio and video files.
  • Is compatible with the features of Video camera, Touchscreen, accelerometer and magnetometer.
  • Interprocess communication (IPC) message passing.
  • Facilitates P2P using Google Talk.
  • Enables SQLite for data storage.
  • Useful for publishing Export and signing app
  • Ease of information access
Android Applications